Why You Should Consider A Tooth Extraction

Your full set of adult teeth are meant to be permanent. However, in some cases a tooth extraction becomes necessary. Ignoring issues like decay, injury, or damage to a tooth can only exacerbate the problems with time.

One or more of the following reasons might make it necessary for you to visit a local dentist for a tooth extraction tampa.

tooth extraction tampa

Crowded Teeth Placement

If your mouth is overcrowded with too many teeth, then the alignment and structure of your teeth has probably been effected. Overcrowded teeth are more likely to suffer from decay as well. This is one of the reasons dentists must extract one or more teeth in order to make space for better alignment.

Tooth Infection Or Decay

Tooth infections, decay, or damage occurs if the infection or rot gets to the center of the tooth. This is the main area containing blood vessels and nerves. When the rot enters the center of the tooth, infection happens.

In mild cases of infection, a root canal or antibiotics may help. However, more severe situations require extraction. This is an important precaution to stop the spread of decay to other teeth.

Other Risk Factors

Certain health issues make infection a greater probability. For those who have immunity issues, are undergoing organ transplants, chemotherapy, or similar operations; extraction is recommended. It is best in such cases to preventively remove the tooth if an infection is suspected.

Other issues may include gum diseases or oral issues like loose teeth.

In Summation

Tooth extraction can seem intimidating, but with the right expert advice and care, there is nothing to worry about. Talk to an oral surgeon and dentist if you’re considering this procedure. In most cases of extraction, it is always better to act in the initial stages and not delay the issue.